European Government and America

Little to no evidence is provided, Assad is responsible for the use of chemical weapons in Syria, but not only U.S government, but also EU and UK government denounces ‘Assad’s’ wrong actions.  Meanwhile, as we say, Russia totally denies that Assad is responsible, and suggests third parties got control of the chemical weapons at some point in the last few years.

Imagine that – forces not loyal to the government, acquiring weapons in the middle of bloody civil war!  How unlikely!  What lunatic philosophers we are to imagine such things….

Hours after the last attack, EU government officials are already blaming Assad.  Obviously, no investigation took place, and no mention of any special intelligence information is provided.  It is a simple case of turning the stories concocted by Assad’s foes, into ‘obvious’ truth – as based on these European’s own political interests.  Middle East hatred of Assad is a convenient tool, for furthering European hatred of Russia….

The press, of course, eats it all up.  It loves the idea of totally baseless sayings, determining the reality.  There is no longer a need for basis in fact.  It is just a question of who has the most viewers.  Trump has a lot, but May and the New York Times can get some too!  Etc.  It is thought, Russia is somehow the only counterweight here, as if private citizens in American and Europe, e.g., Ron Paul, count for nothing.  As if the obvious inconsistency of the U.S. government narrative, counts for nothing….  Etc.

But in any case – yes, there is Russia.



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