The Character of Trump as a Sign of Apocalypse

A catalogue of inconsistencies in the character of Trump:

I have never been in favour of labelling China, a currency manipulator, but I wonder if it does not bode rather poorly for America, that now Trump is reported as going along with China, while calling Assad an ‘animal’ and ‘evil.’

To say these are matters of the personality of Trump seems doubtful, but to suggest what is being expressed, is a fatigue regarding the public realm – that seems more likely.

More than anything – how boring it all is.  It is close to a world bereft of meaningful public debate, as what is there to discuss when there is no logic to the phenomena at hand?  Then too, one has to wonder, whether anyone can care about our brethren in society.  Is the question any longer, ‘how can I help the poor?,’ but rather, ‘are these the kind of “poor” I ought to help?’  (And in the 3rd world, it is even worse when most every ‘help’ potentially leads to furthering increasing global over-population.)

Yes, follow Christ’s commands – but what does he command of you today?  Anything?

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