Antifa vs. Alt Right

Surveying the literature on the ‘alt right,’ we unfortunately see a problem where it seems either generated by the ‘alt right’ itself, or else by groups aligned with Center-Left ‘antifa’ movements, e.g. the SPLC.

Obviously there are different options available.  I have seen several conservatives try to distance themselves from the ‘alt right,’ where it goes beyond the usual name calling to a recognition, ‘alt right’ figures have explicitly rejected many ‘conservative’ ideas, e.g., the centrality of Christianity for the American Right.  I do not consider myself a ‘conservative,’ on the grounds that, for one, I have rejected the authority of the Papacy and can make little sense of Lutheran attempts to offer a ‘conservative substitute.’  Still I also have tried to point out, there are ways in which a thinker such as Spencer and mainstream American conservatism clearly diverge, not necessarily always in terms of incompatibility, but then simply in terms of Spencer having some very unpopular ideas that are not historically part of American conservatism, e.g. whites are more creative than Blacks and Asians owing to our DNA.  …Then moving beyond Spencer, also I have pointed out, Tory conservatism is one thing, the authoritarian ‘far right’ something else.  This is not meant to be a point, far right leaders would question.  They themselves cast their movements as ‘dynamical,’ etc.

In a similar way, the technological response of NS, is not the same as Edmund Burke – nor his repetition in Russel Kirk.  Etc.  The paganism found in the fusion of De Benoist and Duprat – that is not ‘conservative,’ such as we normally understand it:  although there is a difficult irony here, in that worship of Celtic deities predates Christianity, etc….  The ‘far right’ and the ‘New Right’ involve conservative themes but there are other ‘conservative movements’ that perhaps it is more useful to bedeck with this title, e.g. the Tories, the WWI patriots of Germany and Austria, etc.  There are in any case, large differences among these Rightist movements, that we need to keep in mind.  An attack on the ‘alt right’ or the ‘New Right’ does not have to come from the Left.

Then also it is possible to offer a pragmatic Right-libertarian response, one which says, what is useful for now is the police, and the courts, the borders and getting rid of excess government, but not obviously any sort of political focus on tribal assertion.  So, one may favour eliminating positive discrimination to better the ‘white race,’ or simply because one finds it unfair for the citizenry as a whole.  Etc.

I have tended to take the approach of the pragmatic libertarian, though I this is a secondary focus for me, and obviously my deeper interests in investigating the alt right – and its other investigators – are comedy and Husserl….  What has drawn me to this project of investigation is my great love of the esoteric, and only secondarily of politics, and then always with the esoteric, I find so much comedy and philosophy.  Indeed, even the un-hidden side of the spiritual world, creates comedy, as have seen in comics such as Woody Allen.  There is simply something strange about trying to reconcile an idea of God’s supposed interest in our going on with ‘everyday life,’ with the presence of a transcendent spiritual being.  The extreme Right is tied to a different sort of spiritual comedy, but one might try to find parallels with Jewish humour.

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