Completing the Investigation: Alt Right Montana


No sign of the alt right yet, though it is sure is pretty in Montana….

On the way to Whitefish, Montana, which I briefly mentioned in my book.  This is apparently the ‘third Rome’ of the American alt right movement, alongside New Orleans and Washington D.C.  In any case, it is one of two main sites for Spencer, the other indeed being ‘inside the Beltway.’  The following article gives some of the details of the local going-ons:  The main drama revolves around Anglin, a somewhat marginal figure, but as we have seen in this blog, for better or worse, Spencer has been fraternising in a friendly manner with Anglin.

‘On Jewish Matters’ argues that Jews ought to visit Whitefish, to connect with the ‘small’ local Jewish community.  I don’t know if Gentiles ought to barge in but evidently something is brewing in Whitefish besides winter sports fanaticism, and perhaps it is worth a look….

Here in Montana, I am literally putting in the final words for INVESTIGATING THE ALT RIGHT, e.g. using up blank space on trailing pages and the like, and trying to take out all the errors and typo’s.  The book ought to be appearing soon….  Unless some major revelation occurs up in Whitefish….  The investigation continues for now.  I keep my eyes peeled for The Smoking Man.



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