Far Right Africa

Far Right Africa – Seeing a Future that is ‘Right and White!’

I am a bit surprised…. But from sunny Montana, I read of some activity in far away Africa that is ‘to the Right.’

I am surprised as I thought by now, there would be mostly just silence….

The South African site is called praag.co.za .  It offers a mix of ‘news’ and opinion.  Also it publishes ‘letters to the editor.’

Pierre Fouche then writes a letter, ‘Will to power or will to suicide?’  http://praag.co.za/?p=43714

‘Why did the majority of citizens in the second Boer Republic decide for war in 1899, in order to maintain their political independence, while but a century later, the majority decides for suicide?’

‘Hoekom het die meerderheid van die burgers in die twee Boererepublieke in 1899 besluit om die krygsplig op te neem vir hulle politieke onafhanklikheid; maar een eeu later, het die meerderheid besluit om te stem vir selfmoord?’ 

This seems like a very disturbing question of suicide.  But is it not much the same question we face today in asking why first the Bear Flag is raised, and then a century and a half later, whites in California – still voting Democrat, even – find they have become a minority?

One thing I complain about in INVESTIGATING THE ALT RIGHT The evidence supports as the most probable explanation, a theory of white vampiricism, i.e. that Third World blood is simply needed by the Vampire Klan Leaders….

Sadly, I did not really have time to go into this in the book – wouldn’t you guess? – but perhaps here on the blog, there is greater freedom to discuss ‘Klan’ activity….

Of course, with SA it is a more confusing matter, as it is not an immigration question.  (I think the theory may be confounded…..  But it could be an anomaly.  SA could be a special case.  I merely speak of probabilities, after all.)

In any case, Fouche’s thinking indeed takes an international and, well, ‘heroic,’ turn:

‘The chance for striving and heroism is greater than it ever has been in the history of our race.  From these chances, legends can be born!  If we are successful, it shall spread like lightning through the world, from South Africa to Sweden, and our brothers and sisters in Europe shall gain courage unlike any they have yet had.

Youth of South Africa:  the future is Right and White!’

‘Die kans vir strewe en heldedom wat ek nie dink al ooit so groot was in ons ras se geskiedenis nie. Uit óns kan legendes gemaak word! As ons suksesvol is, sal dit soos ‘n weerligstraal deur die wêreld weergalm, van Suid-Afrika tot Swede, ons broers en susters in Europa sal moed kry wat ek nog nie dink hulle het nie.

Jeug van Suid-Afrika: die toekoms is Regs en Blank.’

Gouche continues, moving to close off his letter:

‘You may end up in Australia, New Zeeland, America, or Canada, but you will not escape this struggle here.  This is indeed international.’

‘Miskien kom jy uit, na Australië of Nieu-Seeland, of Amerika of Kanada, maar jy sal nie hierdie stryd ontsnap nie. Dit is werklik internasionaal.’


So, in the end, the intent is prosaic, being an idea of ‘stay, do not go.’  Yet the rhetoric is for us, extremely confusing, as from Montana – it is not so easy to say what might be happening in South Africa.  And it’s just pretty darn hard to say, how the future could be ‘Right and White.’  I hope it’s not too Right, as then likely the rich will begin eating the poor, which might not be pretty (more vampiricism…).  In any case, I cannot say where they can go from here and from what Thomas Piketty has described.


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