Book Done

Well, the book is finally done, and is available on both as a paperback and on Kindle.  See the link to the right, or just search at Amazon on ‘Marcus Verhaegh.’


“What is the ‘alt right’ or ‘alternative right’? Today there is much discussion of a new ‘alt right’ philosophy, but how new is this movement? And is it very philosophical? It develops that various figures in white nationalist movements are key to the concept of the ‘alt right,’ including Richard Spencer, Kevin MacDonald, and Jared Taylor. However, investigation soon makes clear that Spencer stands above all others as central to the movement. But who is this individual, and also then what is the role in the movement of his ex-wife, a Russian Heidegger scholar? Above all else – why has Spencer jumped to the fore of media attention, such that he is now linked with the White House Chief strategist, Steve Bannon? The world of the alt right is a shadowy one, but soon it emerges, something even darker is happening in the newsrooms paid to report upon it, where it is no longer clear whether they have contact with reality or only Nazi illusion. One tries to investigate the alt right but in discussing the alt right, the press makes the main story – itself and its prejudices. The alt right’s interest in the philosophy of Husserl and Heidegger provides a Leitfaden for unfolding this disturbing situation, taking us to the inescapable question: do reporter and reader share the same world? Reporters offer their supposed experiences of the alt right, but a phenomenological analysis of this reveals, the phenomena have an uncertain relation to objectivity. Richard Spencer is a man of ‘identitarian movements,’ but how can we discover his own identity and potential ties to National Socialist and Klan movements, if the political Right has eliminated objective reporting?”


PS Montana is great!

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