The Censorship is Real

Do corporations engage in fraudulent and hidden censorship on a daily basis, while promising the American people forums for learning and the free exchange of ideas?  You better believe it.  Socrates would not be featured today, as he is ‘religiously inflammatory.’ No philosopher can accept for-profit ‘liberal arts’ education, or companies such as Google or Twitter.  These are centers of censorship.

As you might guess, I had some problems spreading word of my book, INVESTIGATING THE ALT RIGHT….  You see, it is about the alt right.  Never mind the ‘about’ relation here.  Because it’s about the alt right.  The alt right is ‘racist,’ and I am not a Democrat.  End of discussion.

First I will be told, I am ‘violating policy.’ When this cannot be justified – the charges are ‘walked back,’ as the blue dog say – then I am re-invited to advertise.  But what happens next? My credit cards that worked previously when I was advertising non-political ideas – well, now there is an error in the system.  With all six cards. 🙂 Never mind that the cards work everywhere else and so on conservative sites – ‘mainstream advertising’ is just different, that’s all.  At least at Google & Twitter….  If it’s not mysterious ‘technical problems’ that the corporations simply refuse to address, then it’s special pricing rules that make, e.g., ‘alt right’ a ‘low value’ term, and thus more expensive.  That’s right, since there is less demand to advertise under this term, the price is higher.  Center-left practise actually reverses the law of supply and demand….

The real product being sold is stasis in ‘managerial capitalism.’ The main customers for this product, are slightly more well off than the rest of us. 🙂


Once a ‘policy’ is in place, then insofar as it is not administered by an outside agency or arbiter, arbitrary censorship occurs.  There is always the possibility of saying, something in no way related to a policy violation, is a policy violation.  So for example:  praising a Republican candidate becomes ‘religiously inflammatory’ language.  In someone’s judgment.  That someone may be female, a Vassar graduate, and dumber than bricks, etc.  They are the one who got hired to administer these dismal policies, because this culture is what floats their boat.  The rest of us just suffer….

But why do corporations want to alienate staff and citizens?  This will not occur apart from a culture of censorship, whether Marcusian or bourgeoisie-capitalist in character.  What the University does with its ‘speech codes,’ ultimately enables the corporations do with – well, their massive amounts of money….

Certainly, the broader the ‘policy’ and the more complex the discussion, the greater the temptation for arbitrary action.  Then especially Philosophy will be impacted, as it is full of complex, ‘extremist’ ideas for the sake of argument.

Indeed, the prevailing cultural current is non-discussion of all real issues of value commitments, if we are off church property….  And let’s not even get into the issue of the pointless silence of Christians, most of whom could no more explain the meaning of ‘faith in Christ’ than Einstein’s Theory of Relativity.


What is being shoved down the throats of Western peoples, is without a doubt, Centrism.  Centrist positions are, co-incidentally, political positions totally unable to challenge the economic advantage of the top 1%, and on my view, help to greatly magnify the social and political advantages as well.

…There are few remaining reasons for social life, and no reasons at all to provide this civilization with yet another younger generation to oppress.  Is it any surprise, then, that in general, the white does not?