There is a great irony for anyone trying to learn about ‘far right’ movements – a massive amount of research on them has been done by the Southern Poverty Law Center, an organisation often accused of being part of a Marxist conspiracy to destroy America. That’s rather far from the truth today, but it remains so, that this is an organisation to the Left of the political spectrum.

The greater irony is that it is a useful source, with absolutely no intellectual authority…. That’s right, it is a fraud organisation, and to recommend it is something like a Catholic suggesting, a new convert will be well served in the faith through following the guidance of the Catholic Encyclopedia. Actually, it’s quite a bit worse than that, and one suspects the major players at the SPLC suffer from mental illness, or an oddly concealed enthusiasm for the German Reich.

I try to explain to students, Wikipedia lacks intellectual authority, but still this does not prohibit it from being the case, that an article in its might be quite truthful. The SPLC is similar in this regard, although with the SPLC, truth content does not usually extend beyond the paragraph limit.

One simply has to know what is true in advance of reading the SPLC. Truth and lie mixed together, can at best remind one of truth. Still, reminding can be useful. carries a range of articles dealing with the shannanigans over at the SPLC:…4051.10142.0.10644.…

The core of it is simply this: ‘When the American Enterprise Institute in Washington, D.C., sponsored a public debate on immigration policy, the left-wing hate group known as the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) smeared and denounced AEI by claiming that it was “mainstreaming hate” by sponsoring the debate. Of course, Americans have been debating immigration policy ever since the Louisiana Purchase. The SPLC is the leading leftist group that engages in this kind of totalitarian behavior.’

What was once the SPLC long ago, during the Civil Rights movement, has no real connection to what it is after the Carter era. What was a movement about Black rights, has been turned – via an intervening turn to focus on ‘hate groups’ such as the KKK – to an organisation focused on demonisation of the Western interest in national borders.

Even today many liberals are taken in by the past image of the organisation, though Dees is the only holdover from the earlier days, and we have little evidence, the personality of Dees has survived over the years. While I do not have access to his medical files, ethically there is a case to be made, the public would be best served by making his medical history known. Dees has collected a very large amount of money for his fraud purposes and the news media regularly cites his fraud organisation as an authority on others. While I believe in privacy, given the many signs of mental illness in the SPLC’s activities, I cannot believe that this is a case where privacy ought to be an absolute right.

What is the basis for trusting the SPLC’s claims? Nothing at all. All they can do is, as I say, remind – or inspire, e.g., inspire you to look up a quotation offered, from some other source.

Still people are time and again taken in by the image of the SPLC as a credible source.

It is an organisation fulimating for Center-Left policies – with a focus on liberalism regarding borders, but then also with other foci, e.g. Bernie Sanders healthcare – which seeks to promote these policies by accusing Right-of-center political opponents of a sin. The major ‘sin’ had in mind is obviously anti-Semtism, but also at times it seems suggested that independents of connection among Black and Jew, it may be an inherent evil to place’s own interests before those of Black people (hater!).

The documentation regarding the irrationalism and concealment of Leftist political bias in supposed ‘objective’ monitoring of ‘hate,’ is quite extensive, and extends beyond what has to offer:

It is as if with the presses treatment of the ‘alt right,’ writ large. Violent, criminal, or very unpopular Right-wing groups are first selected to fill a category – ‘alt right,’ ‘hate groups,’ etc. – and then the category is rounded out with enemies of the Center-Left, using arbitrary standards. It is simple smear. But again and again, Democrats give this group money and laud it with rewards. I wonder if they have ever heard the saying, ‘you reap what you sow?’

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