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Both ‘Marcus’ and ‘Verhaegh’ are often-used names, and the combination is not unique. In this regard, I would point out, I do not have any active social media accounts outside of WordPress, and I have not made use of ‘Facebook’ or ‘Pinterest,’ etc.

I am a native of the USA from west of the Rocky Mountains.  ‘Verhaegh’ is apparently a name from the border of the Benelux with Germany, ‘ver-‘ a prefix in Dutch meaning ‘from,’ and ‘haag‘ referring to the border, i.e. a hedge used to separate places (or a hedge or woods separated from its surroundings…).  Most ‘Verhaegh’s’ appear to have been Catholic or Reformed.  And now of course there are many options and cults.  Myself, I reject Rome and theological conservatism, but also the posit which marks most Western cults, the claim that either reason or Scripture can establish a Christian religious faith apart from the doctrine of unmerited predestination.

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I have spent some time with philosophy, finding the thinking of Bultmann congenial, but hoping too that the thinking of Germany and Tibet might someday meet.


Khedrup’s vision of Tsongkhapa



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Longview, Washington State, USA, 2017