About Me – ‘I Stand With Rand’

As of 2016, I live in the Pacific Northwest – as do several of my distant relatives, these too I suppose having fled California at some point.   Previously I taught Philosophy courses at a variety of universities throughout the country.  My Ph.D. is in Philosophy, from a university in the American South.   I am from Los Angeles.

My dissertation was on Immanuel Kant, and his ‘Critique of Judgment.’  It was directed by Dr. Rudolf Makkreel.  Also Thomas Flynn and Robert McCauley were on the main committee at Emory Univ.  Since working on Kantian aesthetics, I have since gone on to consider Kantian moral philosophy, and to spend time with figures such as Plato, Augustine, Descartes, Hegel, Saint-Simon, Husserl, Rothbard, and Chisholm.

Politically, I am somewhat inactive.  Dealing with the philosophical question of the ideal republic, I point to the great worth of the thinking of Saint-Simon, but also how Marx manages to add to this slightly with his focus upon capital accumulation.  More practically, I have examined the question of a libertarian politics for America, such as found in the ‘libertarianism with border controls’ advocated by Lew Rockwell (or at least, I surmise that is Rockwell’s view).  But I am not involved in any libertarian political party or group.  I am sceptical that democracy is present nationally, and I do not vote….


Certainly I would contemplate changing this practice or non-practice, if it meant getting rid of Ted Wheeler or Jay Inslee….  But, as it is – well, e.g., I have been a big fan of Ron Paul in the past.  But now he is retired.  Etc.   Then too – Rand Paul, while generally a great guy, is said to have gotten less than 70,000 votes nationally.  It is a bit hard to generate enthusiasm about this.


In terms of voting rights – I am a U.S. citizen and not a dual citizen.  Regarding the duties of citizenship – I am not supportive of the continuance of the NATO alliance, but, well, it is what is there, and I remain committed to the ideal of defending America from Soviet/Russia-based attack.


I do not have a TV or watch films.  I do not have a Facebook page.  I do not have an active Twitter account.  Hobbies include making cocktails, going to John’s Market in Portland, Yeti Imperial Stout, and several porters.  Also pinot, port, and other varietals.  I do not care for camping or skiing, but enjoy gardening.