About Me


My dissertation was on Immanuel Kant, and his ‘Critique of Judgment.’  It was directed by Dr. Rudolf Makkreel.  Also Thomas Flynn and Robert McCauley were on the main committee at Emory Univ.  Since working on Kantian aesthetics, I have since gone on to consider Kantian moral philosophy, and to spend time with figures such as Plato, Augustine, Descartes, Hegel, Saint-Simon, Husserl, Rothbard, and Chisholm.

Politically, I am somewhat inactive. I am sceptical that democracy is present nationally (in the USA), and I do not vote.

I do not have a TV or watch films.  I do not have a Facebook page.  I do not have an active Twitter account.  Hobbies include making cocktails, and several porters.