About Me

My dissertation (Philosophy) was on Immanuel Kant, and his ‘Critique of Judgment.’ It was directed by Dr. Rudolf Makkreel. Also Thomas Flynn and Robert McCauley were on the main committee at Emory Univ.

Since working on Kantian aesthetics, I have since gone on to consider Kantian moral philosophy, and to spend time with figures such as Plato, Augustine, Descartes, Hegel, Saint-Simon, Husserl, Rothbard, and Chisholm.


I am a native of the USA, from west of the Mississippi.  There are other individuals named ‘Marcus Verhaegh,’ perhaps not sharing this quality.  In any case, the views I express are my own.  The connection of these views to other Verhaegh’s, to Emory Univ., to its present faculty, to its past permanent faculty:  these matters are in general not known to me.  In any case, no similarities of views is implied.  Re Emory University – My official church membership is with a church in the Reformed tradition, and I do not support ecumenical ties with Methodist religion.  However, I am not much active in any church, Reformed or otherwise.  Politically, I am also somewhat inactive, and I am not a member of a political party.

Outside of Philosophy, theology, and politics – well, there is nothing.  Just a barbarians.    In any case, further, I am interested in emigration, e.g. to British Columbia.

For fun, I like NATO war games, and stabbing pictures of Vladimir Putin with a knife.  The practice is useful, anyway.  It isn’t really fun.  Also I am looking into the opioid crisis.  But I fear, there’s still not much in it for me.

10 / 2017


PS I do not have an active Facebook page or a Pinterest account.  Both ‘Marcus’ and ‘Verhaegh’ are common names in the Benelux, and they use the Internet quite often over there and post their own pictures and other material.  Then there are quite a number of ‘Verhaegh’s’ in the States and elsewhere, many of whom are not as such my relatives, and likewise, many of my relatives are no longer called ‘Verhaegh’ as they are married or divorced females, etc.  In regard to them too, my views bare no relation, particularly not the points where I discuss hanging feminists from trees.

The ‘Verhaegh’s’ begin in Helden, in Dutch Limburg.  After that, it is all contrivance.  The only positive point of Verhaegh-Limburg history I can establish, is the choice of the sugar beet as the family symbol, in defiance of the British blockade of sugar imports.

Basic proficiency regarding matters such as names, irony, sarcasm, humour, etc., is needed in making sense of the Internet.  I provide my thoughts on life after Heidegger for the good of all mankind but then there is a need for proper reception.